Hello There!

Ahhh Shopify. It was once our little corner of the internet when we first opened in 2013 with grand ideas of utilizing this platform to exponentially increase sales via online ordering. Back then we were gunning to be the growler-to-go mavens, but after about two months of being open, it turned out people really just wanted a space to hang out, be with community, and drink awesome beer. As our business plan changed, this page was forgotten and almost lost to the annals of time. But this is the internet and nothing is ever truly lost. You managed to find your way here, no?

Due to the foibles of the internet we cannot shut down our shopify shop without permission from someone we can't contact anymore, so here we are. We don't do online ordering, but would be more than happy to see you at the only Prefunk (for now, of course) in fantastic downtown Nampa!

The best way to see what's up with us is to visit our Facebook Page but if you would like to contact us via other means, our email is info@prefunkbar.com and our phone is 208-466-0981

Thanks so much for your interest in Prefunk, we hope to see you soon!